I started my dad blog in 2013 after my wife had her first miscarriage. Two kids and six years later the blog is still going. I’ve had some great experiences that I never would have had otherwise because of it.

I got this ad campaign gig because of my dad blog.
It put my name in the right place at the right time.

Let me show you how I’ve gotten to work on hundreds of campaigns. Campaigns with companies like Netflix, Starbucks, Pampers, Denny’s Diner, Ferrara Candy Company, Cheerios, Barilla, Rogaine, .Me, Best Buy, and more just because of my dad blog: Daddy’s Grounded

I’m launching an online course that includes everything from setting up your website & social channels to how I pitch companies.

These are actual pitches that I’ve used to get products & experiences for free, become part of paid campaigns, and meet some really amazing people. 

These results are not guaranteed, but they are possible. I’ll show you how. This isn’t a typical course that is a one & done thing. I’m constantly improving it and expanding it to include extras like:

  • Custom branded URL shortener
  • Copy & Paste ready review pitches
  • A list of my 30 favorite influencer networks
  • How to optimize your social reach
  • A who’s who of the dad blogging list with over 100 bloggers to follow for inspiration
  • How to rank on the top search engines
  • Members only FB group for brain-storming, troubleshooting, & sharing the journey together
An unboxing video I did with my son.
We got a brand new Dyson vacuum to review… for FREE!

Want to know when the course launches? Fill out the DadBlog.xyz interest form below I’ll remind you when the course goes on sale for $197 soon.